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The project e-REGOS within the service HITRO.HR includes electronic delivery of Form R-Sm, which is compatible with the efforts of government of the Republic of Croatia to transform Croatian society into a modern information society. The implementation of  project e-REGOS will result in a number of advantages presented through significant economies in time as well as in money, with the maximum authenticity of the document that is being delivered.

The electronic form processing is possible without leaving the workplace and lasts only a few minutes. It is enough to connect to the internet, register at e-REGOS service and send electronically signed RR-m database, and the certified Form is downloaded backward in the same way. Besides this the user is provided with the insight into the delivered Forms status and the list of possible errors and warnings.

A successful co-operation has been continuing between REGOS and FINA, as our most important outsourcing partner, on realization of this project.